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First trip to Ventura: 2 days, 1 RV, 5 Friends and a lot of fun

Earlier August 2014, 5 Brazilian friends (Martin Mica, Agustin Mica, Guigo Foggiatto, Rodrigo Zan and Tiago Puel) joined in a trip from Venice Beach toward north with no destiny, just looking for a spot with good waves and we found, the place was located between Emma Wood State Beach and Hobson County Park in city of Ventura, this was our first of many  trips to Ventura County with the Jamboree RV.

Here’s what we got, Agustin Mica was inspired.

2 days, 1 RV, 5 Friends and a lot of fun.
California – August 2014
Music – Devendra Banhart – Baby
Special Thanks – Carver Skateboards

Motorhomeless round trip to San Diego in 35mm

A few weeks ago we did a short trip from Venice Beach to San Diego, Rodrigo Zan and Pablo Aguiar in holidays having fun with their analog cameras 35mm, check it out.

Pablo Aguiar is founder at Bullet Tree Films in Brazil, also his movie Delirium was awarded at MIPI Surf Festival in Brazil.

Too see more about this trip to San Diego go to Bullet Tree Films

Sunset in the Malibu Canyons skating Carver

There are many small roads over the canyons in Malibu with beautiful landscapes as background. A mixed fo good asphalt and dirty enough to have fun skating Carver all the way down.

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